Steps To Create A Sales Funnel On MailChimp

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Steps To Create A Sales Funnel On MailChimp

MailChimp, unlike any other Email Marketing Service tool, allows for users to set up a complete sales funnel for any of your business be it Restaurants, Ecommerce, Health, Real Estate, Technology, etc. I’ve been using MailChimp for the past 3 years and trust me, it’s been quite amazing.  One of the things I love about it is that it’s free and easier to use. You could set up a complete funnel without a single penny and no upgrading.

Before we dive fully in, let’s take a look at what a Sales funnel means?

It refers to the step by step process a prospect takes from getting their attention until they finally convert be it to buy your product, book a service, make an appointment, and others. The basic steps to setting up a complete sales funnel include:

  • Landing Page
  • Lead Magnetic Page
  • Sales Page
  • Order Page
  • Thank You Page
  • Upsell and Downsell Page
  • Drip Campaign/ Automation

To get started, all you have to do is sign up and create an account with MailChimp ( The next step would be to set up your account profile. Once you’ve finished setting up your profile, You’ll have to set up your Audience list and create a Lead magnetic form.

The main importance of the lead magnetic form page is getting people to leave their information like E-mails in exchange for a free give-way. Your free giveaway could be either a digital product (e.g ebooks, videos, course program) or physical product or rather offer discounts or coupons.

MailChimp provides free templates you could use to design your funnel pages. You can find this by clicking on the Campaigns>Create Campaign>Landing page. Give it a name and choose the Audience list you’ve created. You can then choose a template you wish to use for your funnel and start editing.

Moreover, note that as a free user, you’ll be limited to certain features, unlike paid users. Recently, MailChimp now allows for free users to create only one Audience list and you might not be able to remove their watermark logo on any of your designed templates as a free user unless you upgrade to a paid feature.

You can easily accept payment on your MailChimp Order page from Squareup as they’re both partnered. It’s all simple and easier to set up. Once you’ve finished setting up your funnel, all you have to do is publish and live your pages and start driving traffics to your landing page. Then you’re on your way to getting your business to the next level.