Top 5 Tips I’ve Been Using To Earn Consistent $500+ Monthly Working On Fiverr

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Top 5 Tips I’ve Been Using To Earn Consistent $500+ Monthly Working On Fiverr

Working as a freelancer and earning consistent income monthly might seems hard most especially if you’re just getting started. Getting the right clients, customers and projects might look very difficult. I’ve also been in your shoes.

I started working as a freelancer around September 2017 as I was just introduced to working online. I wasn’t an internet-savvy back then as I was new to the online age. I started working as a Digital Marketer after learning a few skills in Email Marketing on Fiverr and got started. But I for almost 8 months, I wasn’t getting much done.

The saddest thing was that, I’ve got friends and other colleagues who were also working on Fiverr as I do back then and in most cases, were not working hard like me sometimes and they were still getting things done. I was so sad and frustrated.

But for a while, I took some time to study what can I do to fix these issues. Here are some of my top 5 secrets I’ve been using to earn consistent $500 monthly on Fiverr:


Wow, that might not sound like what you thought, right? Well actually, when I took the time to study some of the top-rated and high-income level gig experts on Fiverr, I noticed that almost all of them specialize and focus on a particular niche to render. Probably you might the word, “JACK OF ALL TRADES, MASTER OF NONE”. Yes, exactly.

Take, for instance, you own an online store selling bags and shoes and you aren’t getting enough conversions on your store. Now, you’re suggesting to hire an Email Marketer. You contact a freelancer and he told you he can market and promote your store with Email Marketing. Now, on his profile, he’s also a mobile app developer at the same time. What will you think?

Like Really? Exactly. So, focusing on one particular niche at a time makes you stand out of the competitive online freelance marketplace.


I believe this is actually the main part that most freelancers do neglect and take no priority of. Let’s assume you want to buy clothing from a clothing store. On reaching there, you find 2 Shops. The first shop doesn’t have proper arrangements for its clothing products. The trousers and necklaces were together, the shirt and face caps were together. Moreover, on getting to the next shop, all their products were perfectly arranged, neatly set up. Which would you prefer to buy from?

I guess it would be the 2nd store. Why, Because their shop was neatly set up and arranged.

The same thing also goes for you working as a freelancer. When I first got started then in 2017, all I had to do was sign up on Fiverr and set up a rough profile. Then I started selling.

But for several months, I wasn’t getting clients to hire me for projects. So setting up your profile professionally makes you stand out


Probably you’ve heard of these before but you aren’t sure if it’s effective. Well, it does. Nowadays, there are several social media platforms out there such as Facebook, TwitterInstagram and several others where you could promote your services and get clients to hire you.

The key here is planning your weekly schedules. As a freelancer, you might find it difficult managing your Fiverr account and you’re at the same time, promoting your services on other social media platforms. When I started promoting my services on Fiver back then, it was somehow tough as I have to work on my real-life work, handle projects from clients as a Freelancer and at the same time, promoting.

It Takes Money To Make Money!!! So, investing back into your freelance career could help you a lot. The strategy I use mostly nowadays with my daily busy schedules is hiring a social media freelance expert to promote my services. He gets paid for promoting my services and in return, I get more traffics and clicks to my gigs. So in short, it’s a WIN-WIN game.


I figured out this is one of the most challenging part for freelancers especially if you’re just getting started. Most clients would want to see samples of your past works with other clients before or rather, go through reviews and feedback you’ve got and if you aren’t able to provide them, they might lose trust in you handling their projects.

YES, I’ve also had such experience multiple times. But how do I solve this issue? One of the things I did lately in 2018 as a newbie freelancer was gathering portfolios myself. I hire myself first before clients do.

What do I mean by this?

I check through a Buyer’s request and see if it’s related to my services. Then, I work on the project as if am working on the client’s project. As an Email marketer, I might choose to design a newsletter for a client that posts request for a newsletter gig. Once am done, I watermark it and save it on my portfolio to avoid it being used as a sample by another freelancer. I use Flickr as my portfolio platform. So anytime a client needs a sample of my past works with some other clients, all I do is to give him such samples and convince the client to hire me for his project.

In most cases, I use strategies like: “Hello Great Client, basically I may not have enough feedback on my profile yet to convince you of my expertise, but you could actually give me a trial to work on this for you. I will work 30% upfront on your project and update you. So, if you’re convinced, then you could hire me.”

It’s not being cheap, it’s convincing a client to trust your expertise. This strategy actually increased my earnings by up to 25% within 5 months.


Consistency is the key. Starting out as a freelancer and not earning consistently might be hard. I understand but with the power of consistency, you could achieve the impossible. But most importantly, having a monthly goal of how much you’re wanting to earn. If you’re just starting out, you could write down a goal of earning just $25o this month. Now, break it down to weekly. How much would you want to earn on a weekly basis? So, let’s say $75.

Once I’ve written down how much I want to earn in a month, I start working on it and focusing mostly on my daily work-progress. But most importantly, Go Pro and learn on daily basis and try delivering quality works for your clients. In most cases, I don’t focus on the client’s money, I focus on getting him result and helping him grow his business. When people know that you’re ready to help them, they can go any length to pay you as much as you want.

I believe these tips will help you in your freelance career. If you have any other tips you think could be beneficial, kindly drop your comments below.

Thanks and have a great day,

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