Increase your e-commerce store sales up to 35.9% with Retargeting Ads Campaign

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Increase your e-commerce store sales up to 35.9% with Retargeting Ads Campaign

Consider a scenario whereas you want to attend one of your friend’s party next month and you are considering buying a pair of shoes to wear to that occasion on the event day. You go online and search for occasional shoes for the party. You were redirected to a store and you were able to see different types of occasional shoes. But fortunately for you, you were able to see a beautiful shoe you like and wondering if you should get it.

After checking carefully, you decided to Add to cart but unfortunately for you, you were asked to pay for the shipping cost or rather, you were sort of funds. So you decided to keep browsing online and in the end, never buy the shoe although you are already of interest in getting the pair of shoes.

The fact there is, this happens almost every time and to every e-commerce store online. Research shows that almost 75% of first-time visitors on any online store will fail to buy a  product the very first time of checking through your store.


Lots of reasons. One might be, they are new to your store and they aren’t sure if they should leave their card details on your website. Another might be because they might be sort of funds at the moment of checking through your store product costs.

But remember, the number goal of any online store owner is getting sales and conversions as much as possible. I’ve come across lots of store owners who are frustrated with not getting enough sales and conversions on their stores. Some do complain of having lots of traffics daily in their store but no sales.

So, how can you fix this? Guess what? it’s simply what I call a RETARGETING ADS CAMPAIGN.

What’s a Retargeting Ads Campaign?

A retargeting ads campaign is a form of advertisement that focuses mainly on getting customers back to buying or purchasing your products or services based on the choice of interest they’ve selected or choose sometimes ago on your store or website.

How Do This Works?

Let’s consider the example before. Going online and selecting for a particular pair of shoes for the event party, as a store owner; with a retargeting ads campaign, the same pair of shoes will be automatically displayed to you on any website with ads space promotions.

The most effective among these are Search Engine Display Ads Campaign like Google for instance. As a store owner, I can set up a Google Ads campaign for my products and then a retargeting campaign for my store. This means Google will automatically display related products in relation to what the visitor had navigated and has shown interest to sometimes ago on my store, thus creating a more personalized campaign to such users and increasing my store’s conversion rates.

This is an effective strategy that any online store or e-commerce website owner can implement to increase their online store sales and conversion rates. It’s one of the best methods of sending out personalized campaigns to users because it targets the specific needs of the users.

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