5 Tips To Make Incredible Sales On Fiverr

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5 Tips To Make Incredible Sales On Fiverr

Getting sales on Fiverr might seem frustrating sometimes mostly especially if you’re just starting as a new seller. I understand how it feels to set up your profile, create a gig and waiting to earn your first sales but after a few weeks, nothing happens. I’ve also been in your shoes before. I’ve been working on Fiverr for over 3 years now and I understand the pains of not making sales which is why I have a few tips which I think would rather help you to make your sales faster.

Here you go:
1. Render services you’re very good at: Fiverr value professionals and as well as your buyers and clients. So rendering services you’re good at will definitely help you create authority in that niche.
2. Study your niche marketplace: Getting started as a new seller on Fiverr might seem frustrating sometimes. But rather, take some time to do some in-depth research on your niche marketplace. You can do this by just searching for related gigs you’re offering, how many people are rendering similar services like me, what’s their gig average costs, how many orders in the queue are they getting, how do they set up their gigs, etc. With that, you can easily create a strategic plan to set up your gigs and make yourself outstanding in the marketplace.
3. Get feedback as fast as possible: Yeah, this will definitely help you a lot. Reviews are what would convince clients mostly to know whether you’re a professional or not in your field. So, you should work on getting quick 5 star reviews on your profile as fast as possible. And you can only do this by providing outstanding services for your clients.
4. Send Offers daily: Fiverr gives equal opportunity for every seller irrespective of your level. You can only send 10 offers daily. But for new sellers, you might have to study and analyze the time Fiverr brings out the buyers’ request which means you’ve got to be very pro-active. For instance, am from Nigeria and Fiverr brings offer sometimes 8 AM-9 AM in the morning. Then sometimes around 4-6 PM and then sometimes 9-10 PM. I use sometimes because it varies but the time also ranges. So, make sure your 10 offers are sent completely on a daily basis will give you a higher chance of getting orders. But also, you’ll have to be very persistent and keep sending your offers. Winners never quit and quitters never win.
5. Get your gig ranked on the first page: I often tell people that there are only essential ways to earn sales on Fiverr. The first is to keep sending your 10 complete offers and the second which is the best means is to get your gig ranked on the first page. Unfortunately, no one knows means Fiverr algorithm use to rank gigs on the first page which is why you’ve got to be very pro-active. Several factors are considered in this including:

  • Response rate
  • Order completion rate
  • Active orders
  • Conversion rates
  • Late delivery, etc

If you can implement some of these tips, I hope your Fiverr freelance career will be a success.



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