How I Earned $500+ Working On Fiverr Over COVID-19 Pandemic

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How I Earned $500+ Working On Fiverr Over COVID-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has now been known to be a global war all around the globe. There have been lots of changes to the world economy including Countries like China, the USA, Italy, UK, Nigeria and the rest. Now, the WHO and top scientists have made us know that the only cure and prevention we can do is to STAY AT HOME. In countries with several cases of COVID-19 disease, most people are now forced to stay at home. But the fact is, if the staying at home issue keeps increasing, there might be a disaster to the way people survive.

In this blog post, I am going to share with you how I’ve been able to earn $500+ in March working from home. The best approach now to survive in this global war is to find a way you can make money sitting down in your home. And one of the best options is with an online business. There are several ways to make money online, some of which include: YOUTUBE CHANNEL, AFFILIATE MARKETING, DROPSHIPPING BUSINESS, CRYPTOCURRENCY TRADING, BLOGGING, FREELANCING, AND MANY OTHERS.

The most perfect thing about this is that you can easily make money just sitting down at home but unfortunately, it takes money to make money. You’ll need to start with some capital if you’re just getting started. But the easiest to start with is basically the Freelancing business.

For the freelancing business, all you need is to have a specific skill set or expertise to render and basically, what you’re really good at. Services like Digital Marketing, Graphics Designing, Website design, Mobile app development, and several others.

One of the best freelancing platforms I would recommend is both Fiverr And Xprexity as they’ve got a huge amount of traffics and people who are in need of freelancers to help them with their job. You can easily sign up, set up your profile and create services (gigs) based on your skillsets. The next thing you’ve got to do is to start sending offers and proposals to buyers. Trust me, you’ll have to be a professional to earn like a professional.

Furthermore, persistence is hard work. You’ll have to keep sending your proposals daily to buyers consistently and replying to your messages as fast as possible to keep your response rate intact. And when you receive a job, make sure you deliver quality work for your clients. Remember, good work deserves good feedback. So, work hard on getting enough 5-star ratings and good feedbacks from your buyers. Now, checking through your earnings so far, you’ll figure out you’ve earned over $500+

You can turn COVID-19 pandemic into an opportunity to start earning from home. We all hope this disease is found a cure to on time, but before then, let’s not fold hands staying home doing nothing.

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