How do I get a qualified sales?

How to create a landing page for my domain after purchase?
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How do I get a qualified sales?

Getting qualified sales for your website or landing page is one of the major concern of every business or store owners online. After undergoing different approaches to setting up your business online like developing a website, landing page or a mobile application for your business, the next option is to find means to getting customers and clients to buy your products or services and that involves marketing and promotions. One thing to understand is that for any business to survive online, it requires indepth constant marketing, has it has to be ongoing and consistent.

Digital marketing is any means or ways you market or promote your business online using electronic gadgets. In order to get qualified sales, you’ll need to be strategic as a marketer or business owner. It starts from having or rather creating a solid marketing plan or strategy for your business. An effective marketing plan will help you to understand more about how you can convert web traffics into sales and even getting you returning customers more than you can ever imagine of. It all start from understanding who are your targets markets. Sometimes you might need to ask yourself some of these questions:

  • Who are my targeted customers?
  • What are their concerns and desires?
  • What interest these people most?
  • What can I do to make them interested in buying my product or services?
  • How can I provide solutions to their pains or problems?

And lots more.

As you start asking yourself some of these questions, you’ll start having ideas and more knowledge on how you can get these people from getting engaged with your business. Unfortunately, many businesses fails to do these or rather don’t have any concern to these which in most cases waste lots of money on marketing without yielding any results whatsoever. “When you fail to plan, you’ll definitely plan to fail” and vice-versa.

For instance, assuming you’re a store owner and you have a store online let’s say you’re selling winter clothing like cardigan, sweaters, socks, etc. Before starting to market or promote your product, the first question you should ask is “Who are my target customers and countries?” When you ask this question, you’ll realize that your target customers based on the type of clothing you’re selling should be people who feel cold and need clothes to warm them up and targeting countries that are in their winter seasons would give you a better option to getting qualified sales. Furthermore, you’ll be able to understand that what causes these people pains is having excess colds and needing something to warm themselves. Creating videos that explains how your clothes can solve their problem would be a better option to use when you start running your marketing campaign.

Once you’ve understand your customers behaviors, their needs and concerns, the next thing would be to finding the right digital marketing campaign tools or approach you plan to use to reach these customers. There are several digital marketing strategies you can use to reach out to your customers. You might want to consider one the following options:

  1. Social media marketing
  2. Email marketing
  3. SEO and SEM Campaign
  4. Push Notification Marketing
  5. Blog

But one thing to always remember is that “there’s nothing like getting something for nothing”, which means focusing on providing values to customers is the best option when you’re trying to get a qualified sales for your business. Most customers would be interested in buying your products over and over again when they’re already a warm audience rather than a cold audience to your business.

Cold audiences are those customers that they’re just hearing about your business first time unlike warm audiences who are already familiar with your business and what value you provide. Statistics had proof it over and over again that warm audience tends to converts much higher than cold audiences. So your job as a digital marketer or business owners is to creating a system of nurturing your website traffics or customers over time.

Implementing social media marketing campaign for your business involves you promoting your website, landing page or mobile app on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin. Choosing which platform you’re advertising on will largely depend on the nature and type of your business. Using the clothing business example we talked about earlier, you might consider using Instagram to advertise your product. Infact, clothing businesses tends to increase their sales with Instagram promotions up to 35.% based on research. Your social media profile has to be focused on what your business is all about. Many people makes the mistake of using a personal profile to promote their brand business, but that doesn’t work out most times because when a visitor gets on your profile and all what it says is about you, they starts getting confused. Creating a business brand profile is an essential factor to the success of your social media marketing.

Moreover, if you’re managing multiple businesses, the best thing you can do is to create separate page profiles for each of your businesses. Assuming you’re into clothing and online coaching business, you can create a separate Facebook pages for each of the businesses. But using the same facebook page to promote your clothing and coaching business doesn’t makes any sense and would confuse most visitors getting on your facebook page. Take for instance, you get to a shop and the shop owner is selling ice cream, books and accessories and you see another shop owner that’s only selling let’s say ice cream, who do you think you’ll feel like buying ice cream from. I guess it would be the shop owner that’s focused only on selling ice cream. The same thing goes for you as a business onwer having a page focused on just one thing, not jack of all trades.

Furthemore, If you’re just new, you might also have to consider getting more followers, likes and engagements to your profile and pages because research shows that most customers gets to trust businesses with higher engagements and interactions than others that don’t. Reviews is one of the most crucial thing you must not take for granted if you’re a business owner most especially as a store owner. More than 85% of cold audiences infact warm audience most times would first get to read what other customers say about your products or services before they get convinced that they aren’t just throwing their money away. Using online review and feedback tools like Trustpilot is very crucial in growing your business.

With social media promotion and ads campaign, you can easily pay to get more engagements to your website, landing page or mobile apps. Also, you’ll have the option to target customers based on their interest and desires as well using advance tools like Facebook Audiences. Furthermore, having a Facebook pixel running on your website with custom events will help you to track the behaviors of customers on your website or landing page.

If your approach is to target people directly from their email address, you might want to consider implementing Email marketing campaign. More than 60% mobile users check their emails up to 3-5 times daily. You can easily take advantage of this to target people and send promotional campaigns to them in their email address and they can easily get to remember or visit your website back. Providing discount or coupon codes for first time customers, Flash sales, Xmas offers, Black fridays and lots more are things you can use to convert your cold audiences into a warm audience.

Furthermore, setting up an ecommerce sales funnel like Abandon cart to email, Product retargeting, Win-back lapsed customers, and lots more will help you to increase your website conversion rates most especially is you’re a store owners. But one thing to be careful of is to ensure that you aren’t spamming people in any way. Sending meaningful and valuable contents to your recipients customers tends to get you qualified sales rather than sending spam messages to people inbox.

Another marketing option you might want to implement to get you more qualified sales for your business is SEO and SEM. With Search Engine Optimization, your website tends to get organic web traffic searches directly from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. But getting your website ranked high on search engines would require you to be consistend with publishing and updating your website, having reasonable online brand and a lots of factors are what most search engines platforms look into before ranking your website high when someone search for a related keyword similar to what you offer on your website or landing page.

To avoid these hardwork and stress or if you’re just a newly startup business owner, the best option would be to implement Search Engine Marketing Campaign (PPC Ads) with Google or Bing. With Google Adword, you can run ads campaign for your website, landing page or mobile app and you can target anywhere, target based on your customer’s action, what they search for and a lots. One major advantage of a PPC campaign is that you only pay for result.

Furthermore, if you have a mobile app for your business, you might want to consider implementing a push notification marketing. It’s one of the recent marketing strategy you can use to keep people engage with your app and keep buying your product or services. Customers that have your mobile app installed on their phone can receive push notification pop-ups for your new offers or promos.

And lastly, you can have a blog for your business that gives people valuable contents. Blog websites have higher chances of ranking faster on search engines like Google because you keep publishing new articles on the blog and thus the web crawler tends to show your web result to people searching for information’s related to what your article is about. You can easily them to sign up to your daily/weekly/monthly newsletter and with that, you can try marketing and promoting your products or services to them, thus helping you to nurture your prospective customers into a returning customer. Moroever, you can also pay bloggers to help you promote your business on their blog pages as blog website have chances of getting lots of web visitors daily. In such case, you pay to buy ad space on their website.

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